As we move towards an understanding of development that goes beyond pure aid to include business and trade opportunity development , new partnerships come to the fore , where knowledge sharing , research application, skill and technology transfer and innovation enhancement become the focus of new profitable ventures.

Moving from a 'donor-recipient' dimention to a business to business dialogue will open new horizons for local enterprises and new markets for foreign investment.

Elimination of hunger is everyone's business. Sustainable and gainful livelihoods can be achieved through innovative , and ethical multi-sectoral engagements sought for profitable businesses towards a prosperous future for all.

Kcseed foundation trust encourages interested parties who would like to engage with us in our programmes to view our corporate social responsibility (CSR) brochure on our website. we also call on parties to contact us directly to discuss how Kcseed foundation trust can help your business to do its part to eliminate hunger and poverty from our world by emailing csr@keringetcseedfoundation.org

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